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Local pickup available l FREE shipping on orders $100+
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Breast/ Chest massage is not widely practiced at all in North America. Therefore, many do not know the treatment even exists. In both the United States and Canada, access to breast/chest massage is very limited. This is due to the fact that it is stigmatized, discouraging both clients to engage in the experience and discouraging licensed therapists to even want to offer it at all. Breast/chest massage is however, very common and casual in other parts of the world. Practitioners from Asia, Europe, India, and beyond all believe that our chest is part of our body as a whole and should therefore be included in a full body massage. They express repeatedly that the fact that we skip over the breasts during a full body treatment is a disservice. I don’t disagree.

As always, education is what we need to make progress here. And in Canada, we have been put on a pedestal. Registered therapists here have over 2000 hours of training and study many topics that are not touched on in the United States. In my specific college, we had the option of learning breast/chest massage. It was not mandatory but offered in case anyone wanted to learn. Sadly, breast/chest massage is no longer offered in the graduating program anymore. Those who are interested in learning the basics are forced to look elsewhere for continuing education in this field (which again is extremely limited and offered ever so seldomly).

Therapeutic Breast/
Chest Massage

A large fraction of my breast/chest health clients are lactating individuals. My goal is to be both a therapeutic and educational resource for those wishing to meet their breast/chest feeding goals until weaning but also to those who do not wish to or simply cannot breast/chest feed at all. And unfortunately engorgement, clogged ducts, and mastitis are common conditions that we can see in all post-partum lactating parents, whatever their hopes or circumstances may be. Breast inflammation is common but it is not pleasant and I am here to tell you that it can easily be resolved with some evidence based, hands on care.

I am quite passionate about offering breast/chest care for the postpartum population. It’s a season of life that can be so incredible trying and I feel that the missing piece in all the different types of feeding resources is the hands on education and care. The sooner we can resolve the symptoms of engorgement and clogged ducts-the sooner we can help prevent mastitis and breast abscesses. Of course I work with other professionals in the field and refer out when I feel that the extra support is necessary. It really does take a village and I’m lucky to have a great one that I can share with my clients.

Aside from lactation issues, I am also fiery about general breast and chest wellness. Therapeutic Breast/Chest Massage is not only a treatment that we need after giving birth, it’s beneficial to receive and perform on ourselves all throughout our lives. Hands on connection and care can provide so many health benefits for the chest area. I absolutely adore seeing clients interested in starting a wellness routine for this forgotten and neglected part of our body.

Why get a breast massage?

Believe it or not, there are many reasons one would seek a chest treatment.

  • Minimize scar tissue
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Manage lymphedema in breast cancer patients
  • Support healthy lactation and prevent common feeding challenges
  • Increase circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Pain & discomfort due to hormonal changes
  • Treat neck, rib, and shoulder injuries
  • Posture support and rehabilitation
  • Surgery preparation/recovery
  • Holistic body presence & acceptance

Booking Information


Initial Visit $125.00
Follow-Up $105.00

Direct Billing

Yes, we can direct bill for Therapeutic Breast Massage. It is a clinical treatment being performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.

I am currently set up to direct bill with Blue Cross.

There are a few other select providers I can also direct bill, providing the insurance plan allows for it.

Should you prefer to claim our sessions on your own or in the case that I do not direct bill with your provider, an official receipt will always be issued. I can email you an invoice or provide you a paper copy if desired.

Hours & Booking

Considering these cases can develop quite quickly and at unpredictable times, I have designated time slots allocated for you. I will provide you with the earliest available time I can (or refer out if need be).
As of right now, I am not setup for online booking.
You can email, text or call me to make an appointment.

Email: chantalmarie.rmt@gmail.com

Phone/Text: (204) 688-5337


I am located at 297 St. Mary’s Rd in St. Boniface. The first floor of the building is dedicated to The Academy of Learning. My private practice is on the second floor. To access this floor, you will be entering through the back of the grey building.

There is a parking lot in the back right next to my building where there are reserved spots for clients. Look for the signs say that say “NO PARKING-reserved” and use one of the two spots. There is also a lot of free residential parking in the area as well

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After my first daughter was born, I struggled with clogged ducts and mastitis which turned into a breast abscess within a few days. This involved a painful and time consuming recovery and limited the amount I was able to be present for the first weeks of my daughter’s life.

When my second daughter was born, I was scared of experiencing the same issues. At the first sign of clogged ducts/infection, I immediately sought treatment from Chantal. Her massage treatment, as well as the education she provided for me to carry on these treatments at home, helped to manage significantly clogged ducts and prevent mastitis. Most importantly, it helped me to stay healthy and minimize discomfort so I could care for my newborn and toddler - this was invaluable to me!

Not only was Chantal knowledgeable in this specialized area of lactation, but she was non-judgmental and supportive when I described my past history and my decision to bottle feed this time around. I am so grateful that someone like Chantal is now providing this service for Winnipeg mamas!


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book my appointment?

I will send you an email confirmation. Disclosed will also be details on the location and parking.

Do you offer mobile services?

Unfortunately at this time, I do not. I really do understand the benefit it would provide for those needing lactation support (trust me-I’ve had two of my own babies) but it just does not work with my schedule at this point in time.

Are babies welcome to the appointment?

Yes! If you have nobody to watch your baby or just prefer bringing them, that is totally fine. This usually works best for babies 4 months and under but if you have no other option, that’s totally fine.

Will it be painful?

Depending on the severity of the inflammation, some discomfort can definitely be present. It is a very light and gentle massage used with oil but some areas may be more tender than others. I will always be checking in with you and most are able to fully relax by the end of the session as the symptoms decrease. Many even fall asleep.

Can I add a breast/chest treatment to a regular massage session?

Of course! For lactation issues some as engorgement, clogged ducts, and mastitis I may not have time to treat anywhere outside of the chest wall for the first visit. It all depends on the severity of the symptoms. If I do happen to have time leftover, I definitely make a point of treating the head/neck/shoulders as well. For those wanting a breast/treatment for reasons outside of lactation challenges, there is definitely time to work on a few different areas. Just let me know what you are hoping for and we can work it out

Okay, let’s get to it already-so my chest will be bare?

For any techniques that I can perform with your breasts draped (covered), I will. As I work on one breast, the other one will always be draped, unless discussed otherwise and with consent. Registered Massage Therapists always keep any body part we are not working on, bundled up and cozy. I will be working solely on the breast tissue and surrounding areas of the chest, neck, armpit, and shoulders. We do not address the areolae or nipples.

What training did you take for this?

This was a challenging passion to pursue because as I mentioned before, the breast massage in general is not widely practiced or taught at all and especially not for lactation support. I have combined techniques and approaches that I did learn in my 2200 hour training at college along with teachings from Debra Curties, RMT in her Breast Massage guide for professionals, in specific courses on manual lymph drainage, myofascial release, online lectures from Maya Bolman, RN, BA, BSN, and IBCLC who created the principle behind the Therapeutic Breast Massage, and most recently from an extensive course I took in Calgary, “The Assessment and Treatment of Breastfeeding Conditions” taught by Mercedes Eustergerling, PT and IBCLC.

What happens after my first treatment? Do I need to come back?

In some cases with lactation issues, I would like to see you twice. We have an initial visit where we assess, discuss, and complete a treatment. I will be providing you with resources and home care techniques, empowering you to self-treat and make progress within the walls of your own home. The second treatment is to re-assess and complete the clinical treatment if the symptoms were significant. This follow up also gives us a chance to go over details and discuss how the home self-care is going and work on any issues you may be having with it. My goal after these two treatments is for your current flare-up to be almost resolved, if not completely. Walking out, you will comfortable and confident in being to perform this treatment on yourself should any type of breast inflammation related to lactation happen to re-occur at any time. My ultimate goal is for YOU to be able to continue with YOUR own goals. As for those receiving Therapeutic breast for general health, I educate you on how to perform this massage yourself. You can choose to either adopt it and continue on your own or combine your self-care with some sessions still provided by me. Whatever you feel will work and feel best for you and your wellness goals.