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1:1 Virtual Class on Navigating Common Breast/Chestfeeding Conditions
Chantal Urbina

1:1 Virtual Class on Navigating Common Breast/Chestfeeding Conditions

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The journey as a lactating individual is a life changing one. There is so much admirable strength and beauty and a whole lot of learning. Unfortunately engorgement, clogged ducts, and mastitis are common conditions that we can see in all post-partum lactating parents, whatever their hopes or circumstances may be. It is nearly impossible to go into it fully prepared but with education and awareness, we can equip ourselves with confidence and skills that we may very well need during the fourth trimester and beyond. That’s empowerment right there.

I have designed this unique class to help all postpartum families feel as prepared as possible. I know this time is overwhelming and that anxieties can run high-I’ve been there. But as an RMT who supports postpartum individuals with hands on therapy, I’ve seen far too many times the difference that awareness can and does make. I’d love for every family to have that head start. And to be able to reach their feeding goals without unnecessary complications.

This is a supplemental course. I highly recommend taking a basic breast/chestfeeding course before investing in my session. Some knowledge on the basics will be beneficial in understanding the content I have outlined for you.

This is a 1 hour long session ideally for expecting individuals/families but also appropriate for newly postpartum parents. We cover the stuff that isn’t usually covered in the average breast/chestfeeding class.

This investment will equip you with the knowledge in how to recognize and self-treat common lactation conditions. We cover engorgement, clogged ducts, and mastitis in detail. After teaching you when and why these issues can arise, I teach you what you can do to quickly resolve the pain and inflammation to get you back on track with your feeding goals.

This $75 investment includes:

  • A 40 minute presentation 
  • 20 minutes for a healthy Q & A opportunity 
  • A PDF file you can print out or keep in your phone library to refer back to at any time. It includes all of the course content.

Once purchased, I will be in touch with you to set up a date and time that works for the both us.

*Please note that is NOT a consult for a current lactation issue you may have. I will not be offering virtual support for client cases. Please seek out a professional Lactation Consultant for guidance. If you are local and in Winnipeg, please make an in person appointment with me. 

*Class fee is non-refundable.